I made my first t-shirt at 17. It was always “Paradise”. The first design had a palm tree, a crescent moon, and a couple paper planes flying around the palm tree. Soon after I went off to college and continued making small runs of shirts that I wanted. 

It wasn’t long before some of my ideas started to be stolen. From that point, I reluctantly stopped selling newer designs online and started thinking of ways to avoid being ripped off by uncreatives. I was at a standstill and I was just about to graduate college.

On to the real world. I got a cozy desk job at the “house of representatives”. It paid well, had government benefits, and offered to pay back my student loans. It was any parents dream job for their child, but it wasn’t my dream.

One year later I found myself sad, grumpy, and depleted. Work was boring, days were long, nights were short, weekends were shorter. I quit. With just enough money to survive for a year, I told myself “if I draw 40 hours a week for a year I’ll be able to make a living from art.” My mother and father hesitantly green lighted the decision and I left. 

Little did I know my mom was just diagnosed with cancer. She told me a couple days later that she had cancer and she wanted me to live my life in whatever manner would make me happy. She passed away 6 months later. 

I’ve painted and drawn almost everyday since then. It’s my final vow to mother, to make it as an artist so she can see me happy. 

This website is simply a place to facilitate the sales of my artwork in the name of being a happy artist.

I put a lot into my craft and most of my paintings were painted for me by me. I never had an intention on selling my originals, I’m still slightly reluctant. But I trust that my paintings will go to great homes and hopefully I have an opportunity to purchase my sold paintings back at 2x in the near future.